There’s a Titan missile silo for sale on Ebay. For $1.5 million you get 57 acres of land with 47,000 square feet of usable underground space and three missile silos. The seller is Bari Hotchkiss from Los Angeles who bought it ten years ago.

Titan Missile Silo

Turns out that’s not uncommon. Edward and Dianna Peden live in a an Atlas missile site west of Topeka, Kansas. They were getting a lot of media attention in the mid 1990s, so with a partner they started buying and reselling missile silos across the country. So far, they’ve sold 42 of them. They called their company 20th Century Castles because the silos are “the hardened defense-works of this century”. Another outfit called Silo World has more for sale.

According to Wikipedia, the silos aren’t used any more because “the increased accuracy of inertial guidance systems has since rendered them somewhat less protected than they were in the 1960s.” Now most of the warheads are kept on submarines that are harder to keep track of. I was surprised by the number of missile bases around. I couldn’t find a map of all the US sites, but here’s the sites associated with Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming:

Missile Silo Map

Also, if you need any further evidence that our species is doomed, take a look at the quantity of missile types we’ve developed. We are idiots.

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