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A Glitch in the Matrix

I took this in our greenhouse today.

Edit: My cat picture made it to the front page of Reddit. I can die now.

A Comparison of the US-Mexico Border in 1898 and 2008

The town of Nogales is split down the middle by the US/Mexico border. In these pictures Mexico is on the left, and the US is on the right. In 1898 you could cross anywhere. Now there is a 15 foot high wall and border patrol agents every 50 yards.

You can still see many of the same buildings on the Mexican side, but only a few remain on the American side. Here is each side of the border for comparison:

Somebody should take this picture again in 2108.

This is a closeup of the wall taken from the US side. Cutting torch appears to be a popular way to immigrate to the US. There are patches like these all over the wall.

The 1898 photo is from US National Archives | Photos of the American West: 1861-1912 (#163).

Boats Go Over This Bridge

This bridge is over the Elbe River near the city of Magdeburg, Germany. Two shipping channels were connected with an elevated section about 1 km long. The boats go up at one end and down at the other using locks. The Elbe’s depth varies with the seasons making it impassable by large barges at times, so they bypassed it by going up and over. The picture was taken on the day of the inauguration in 2003.

This animation from the Panama Canal Authority shows how they work:

There is a panorama at Flickr.


Chris reminded me that I should have linked to deputydog’s list of hardcore boat lifts.

Jackson Buscher – Photographer

Here’s a small gallery from my favorite photographer (my son). I think it’s interesting to see the world through the lens of a four year old.

Fire Hydrant

His equipment is a Canon SD800-IS that he borrows from his parents. When he’s not traveling and making pictures, Buscher enjoys playing Uno, coloring, and riding bikes. He’s single, but not currently interested in girls.


Photos Comparing 100 Years Ago to Today

The Flickr Then and Now pool is a collection of photos comparing a place about 100 years ago to the same place today. I particularly like guil3433’s photos of Montreal. Two are shown here:

Bagg Mansion - Then and Now
The Robert Stanley Bagg mansion, Montreal 1900 and 2003

St. Denis and Ontario - Then and Now
Southeast corner of St. Denis and Ontario, Montreal 1894 and 2007

After a lot of confusion I finally figured out that there are two similar groups:

Some photos show up in both groups. Some don’t.

:: All Things Cool

Kim Steiniger Bird Photography

Grey Owl

Kim Steiniger:

After noticing this owl was flying right at me, this image was captured right before I ducked! This won grand prize in the National Wildlife Federation 2005 photo contest… I also won 1st place in the portrait division of Birder’s World 2004 photo contest for one of my Tri-colored Heron photos.

:: Ursi’s Blog – A 100 Year Old Photoblog

This, I love. posts a couple of photos per day with short descriptions to show what life was like in America 100 years ago.

Here’s a sample. The site’s namesake, Shorpy Higgenbotham, is front center. Click the photo to see Shorpy’s entries.

Shorpy Higgenbotham and His Friends
Jefferson County, Alabama. December 1910. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine.

The Juniper Gallery will sell you hard copies of photos.


My All Time Favorite Picture

the finger

The KKK on a Ferris Wheel

Hey, even bigoted idiots like a good carnival.

8th and Greenwood, CaƱon City, CO – April 26, 1926

After this, they shot a man just to watch him die and went for ice cream.

:: Canon City Public Library

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