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Beautiful Flood

DIY Traffic Calming


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Find the Onion Headline

Only one of these headlines is from the Onion. Can you guess which one it is?

The Swine Flu News/Death Ratio

Hans Rosling issues a media hype alert.

2.5 minutes. Link to Video

His new video about breast cancer statistics is an eye opener, too.

Deluxe Hugs

Better than smelly hippy hugs. If you somehow haven’t seen the free hugs video watch it first.

3.5 minutes. Link to Video

Counter Intuitive Comparison Institute of North America

An amusing 20 minute video by El Dorado Architects explaining the C.I.C.I.N.A.’s method of determining an objects relative quality.


Thanks Mike.

Transcendent Man

A trailer for a documentary about Ray Kurzweil.

3 minutes. Link to Video

This month we’ve seen:

  • A robot doing research on yeast enzyme genetics making observations, forming theories, devising experiments to test its theories, and successfully carrying out its experiments.
  • A computer program deriving fundamental laws of physics from a dataset of pendulum measurements, and more importantly, not deriving any equations at all when it was tested with random data.
  • The first circuit board created by a rapid prototyping machine to reproduce one of it’s own circuit boards.

I’m just sayin…

Breathing Earth is a nice visualization of where people are coming in and out of the world. It also shows CO2 emissions.


Earthquake Map

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